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Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
MarcoFalke Commit fab6c5f46b:
[qt] Do not translate `~`
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.10 XPM 8.2%
MarcoFalke Commit facf3e7608:
[qt] `make translate`
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.10 XPM 8.1%
MarcoFalke Commit fae26e8dfc:
[qt] Add more sources to translate
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.10 XPM 8.0%
luke-jr Commit 0388afe69d:
Let autoconf detect presence of EVP_MD_CTX_new

Fixes LibreSSL compatibility
AKuX6uQVC2DodiJ1FfYGqKTuce5ADaYDU6 0.10 XPM 7.9%
MarcoFalke Commit fa2973678e:
test: Include tx data in EXTRA_DIST
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.10 XPM 7.8%
MarcoFalke Commit fa4d47814f:
qt: Use nPowTargetSpacing constant
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.10 XPM 7.7%
MarcoFalke Commit fab035f2f7:
qa: Actually test assertions in

Also refactor to use wrapper for stop_node
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.09 XPM 7.6%
MarcoFalke Commit fa5137c11d:
[doc] Remove unused clang format dev script

Also, update the clang format file to reflect the cu...
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.09 XPM 7.5%
luke-jr Commit 95f97f4b94:
Skip RAII event tests if libevent is built without event_set_mem_functions
AKuX6uQVC2DodiJ1FfYGqKTuce5ADaYDU6 0.09 XPM 7.5%
luke-jr Commit a9baa6d742:
Bugfix: Qt/Intro: Pruned nodes never require *more* space
AKuX6uQVC2DodiJ1FfYGqKTuce5ADaYDU6 0.09 XPM 7.4%
luke-jr Commit c8cee26100:
Qt/Intro: Update block chain size
AKuX6uQVC2DodiJ1FfYGqKTuce5ADaYDU6 0.09 XPM 7.2%
MarcoFalke Commit faaf3ca0af:
travis: make distdir before make
AZmUVZNeE4oWXT1NGESg6SannUbSjFAxmD 0.10 XPM 7.8%
luke-jr Commit 93ffba7163:
Bugfix: Qt/Intro: Chain state needs to be stored even with the full blockchain
AKuX6uQVC2DodiJ1FfYGqKTuce5ADaYDU6 0.09 XPM 7.3%

Total amount: 1.24 XPM

Transaction sent on Thu, 09 Feb 2017 10:09:13 +0000