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Name Description Funds
remotestorage.js JavaScript client library for integrating remoteStorage in apps 4328.11 XPM Details
PHP PPCoin PHPCoinAddress is a PHP object that creates public/private key pairs for: Bitcoin, Namecoin, Litecoin, PPCoin and many other cryptocoins. 2932.00 XPM Details
primecoin Primecoin - First Scientific Computing Cryptocurrency 1949.06 XPM Details
namecoin Official Namecoin tree. Note the release branch! - Official website: 1882.77 XPM Details
myriadcoin Support for the Myriadcoin Project 1524.60 XPM Details
titcoin Support for the Titcoin Project 1524.60 XPM Details
coreboot github mirror of's master repository 1484.93 XPM Details
OpenBazaar A decentralized marketplace 1472.27 XPM Details
darkwallet Your keys. Your privacy. Your sovereignty. 1289.21 XPM Details
PeercoinArmory Python-Based Bitcoin Software 1098.90 XPM Details
coinmap Map showing places where you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin and nowPeercoin. 1098.90 XPM Details Web files for 1081.19 XPM Details
cjdns 669.98 XPM Details
jquery jQuery JavaScript Library 548.34 XPM Details
selenium A browser automation framework and ecosystem. 294.76 XPM Details
vispy Main repository for Vispy 244.73 XPM Details
Mailpile A free & open modern, fast email client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features 243.47 XPM Details
jenkins Jenkins Continuous Integration Server 219.66 XPM Details
bpython bpython - A fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter 207.90 XPM Details
backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events 206.16 XPM Details
ooni-probe github copy of OONI-probe 206.05 XPM Details
sass Sass makes CSS fun again. 205.89 XPM Details
webtorrent Streaming torrent client for node & the browser 200.92 XPM Details
libcoin libcoin 196.93 XPM Details
bitcoinbook Mastering Bitcoin - Unlocking digital currencies - Early Release Draft 194.50 XPM Details
blackbox Safely store secrets in Git/Mercurial/Subversion 191.74 XPM Details
apt Mirror of the apt git respository 179.46 XPM Details
electron Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies 174.00 XPM Details
v8-git-mirror The official mirror of the V8 Git repository from 160.88 XPM Details
rails Ruby on Rails 154.61 XPM Details