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Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
sa2ajj Commit 905e27121e:
fix CID 1382001: Attribute/item access or function call before check for None or undefined (REVER...
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.55 XPM 33.7%
sa2ajj Commit e5f35ff5c4:
fix CID 1381991: Copy-paste error
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.55 XPM 33.3%
sa2ajj Commit a7e4c3a2b5:
fix CID 1382002: Typo in identifier
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.54 XPM 33.0%

Total amount: 1.64 XPM

Transaction sent on Tue, 29 Nov 2016 14:06:00 +0000