Name Description Funds
AutoMapper A convention-based object-object mapper in .NET. 20.79 XPM Details
dapper-dot-net Dapper 20.79 XPM Details
Newtonsoft.Json Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET 20.79 XPM Details
RazorEngine Open source templating engine based on Microsoft's Razor parsing engine 20.79 XPM Details
i18n-tasks Manage translation and localization with static analysis, for Ruby i18n 20.79 XPM Details
FSharp.Formatting F# tools for generating documentation (Markdown processor and F# code formatter) 20.79 XPM Details
kahlan Kahlan - Unit/BDD PHP Test Framework for Freedom, Truth, and Justice 20.79 XPM Details
pypy [Unofficial Mirror] PyPy is both an implementation of the Python programming language, and an extensive compiler framework for dynamic language implementations. 20.79 XPM Details
packstack-vagrant Vagrant environment providing a Packstack installation. 20.79 XPM Details
hwrt A toolset for handwriting recognition 20.79 XPM Details
Metrolook A skin for MediaWiki 20.79 XPM Details
nntoolkit Toolkit to train neural networks 20.79 XPM Details
hiredis Minimalistic C client for Redis >= 1.2 20.58 XPM Details
packages OpenWrt Routing Packages 20.58 XPM Details
interest-dashboard Firefox Interest Dashboard provides a colorful and interactive view of your interests based on your browsing history. 20.58 XPM Details
calysto Tools for Jupyter and Python 20.48 XPM Details
hy ὑμήνπτερόν 20.39 XPM Details
brackets-git brackets-git — git extension for adobe/brackets 20.35 XPM Details
Peerbox PKGBUILD scripts, configs, scripts and web files for Peerbox project 20.13 XPM Details
MonoGame One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. 19.87 XPM Details
jquery-cookie A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies 19.80 XPM Details
class.bitmessage.php Bitmessage PHP Class to control PyBitmessage daemon using xmlrpc 19.80 XPM Details Source code for 19.77 XPM Details Universal JavaScript Client-Side Wallet Generator 19.46 XPM Details
addon-sdk The Add-on SDK repository. 18.62 XPM Details
Idris-dev A Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language 18.61 XPM Details
gaia Gaia is a HTML5-based Phone UI for the Boot 2 Gecko Project. NOTE: For details of what branches are used for what releases, see 18.33 XPM Details
litecoin Litecoin source tree 18.21 XPM Details
easy-html-creator A simple project for fast HTML file createmend 17.38 XPM Details
coreclr This repo contains the .NET Core runtime, called CoreCLR, and the base library, called mscorlib. It includes the garbage collector, JIT compiler, base .NET data types and many low-level classes. 16.90 XPM Details