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ramarag Commit 72dce4cc89:
disabling uwp infrastruture for arm64 builds for now

[tfs-changeset: 1482465]
AU94hhzQ1UHJVMJ94GyRLEmsFKyzy4yp8U 0.31 XPM 29.7%
ghuntley Commit fc38971b35:
exclude Visual Studio 2015 `.vs` working directory
"The .vs directory is the new location where p...
AUp9QAz24xd5xurAJN5AAxyaNs39jmWVU3 0.12 XPM 11.7%
ramarag Commit 0b24325a41:
addressing arm64 build break- renabling uwp for arm64. conditionally excluding a lib file- api-ms...
AU94hhzQ1UHJVMJ94GyRLEmsFKyzy4yp8U 0.30 XPM 29.4%
ramarag Commit 2159a36960:
Fixing Databinding scenario  for KeyValuePair. Refactoring the databinding code for CLRIReference...
AU94hhzQ1UHJVMJ94GyRLEmsFKyzy4yp8U 0.30 XPM 29.2%

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