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Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
IsmailM Commit 77840fd6c0:
open the local server in the default browser
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.27 XPM 10.5%
IsmailM Commit 34ab563fd1:
Use the verbose? method instead of manually checking if in development mode
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.26 XPM 10.4%
IsmailM Commit 80f42e6161:
use Rack::CommonLogger only in the development environment

Signed-off-by: IsmailM <ismail.moghul...
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.26 XPM 10.3%
IsmailM Commit 5486768928:
fix typo
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.26 XPM 10.1%
IsmailM Commit c1515c6e66:
add 'H' as the shorthand for the '--host' command line argument
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.25 XPM 10.0%
IsmailM Commit 5aa675242b:
rename method from compatible_linux_with_gui? to xdg?
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.25 XPM 9.9%
IsmailM Commit d8412109ec:
fix typo
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.25 XPM 9.8%
IsmailM Commit ee8072a35f:
decrease the cyclomatic complexity of the open_default_browser method
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.25 XPM 9.7%
IsmailM Commit 780a771d33:
remove the shorthand for the --host command line argument
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.24 XPM 9.7%
IsmailM Commit 46fe7c61ab:
suppress the automated opening of the browser in developmental mode
AT7jfB7XVKEMuoXFPDabkgRKAA2Aq1jTcp 0.24 XPM 9.6%

Total amount: 2.54 XPM

Transaction sent