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Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
s0undt3ch Commit 8bee6ad5a2:
Include white-listed event payload properties for GitHub push events
AJqmdnucQK9MbfKi3UKmadMMfkbZRmDrZv 0.53 XPM 20.4%
s0undt3ch Commit 2933623b90:
Update documentation
AJqmdnucQK9MbfKi3UKmadMMfkbZRmDrZv 0.52 XPM 20.2%
s0undt3ch Commit 2bef8191b3:
Add news fragment
AJqmdnucQK9MbfKi3UKmadMMfkbZRmDrZv 0.51 XPM 20.0%
s0undt3ch Commit b1142a380e:
Add tests for GitHubAuth v4 and v4 with teams
AJqmdnucQK9MbfKi3UKmadMMfkbZRmDrZv 0.51 XPM 19.8%
s0undt3ch Commit b953d2e012:
Allow getting GH team membership
AJqmdnucQK9MbfKi3UKmadMMfkbZRmDrZv 0.50 XPM 19.6%

Total amount: 2.58 XPM

Transaction sent on Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:19:14 +0000