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sa2ajj Commit c4081e559b:
few Python 3 related fixes

* do not use 'print' use 'twisted.python.log'
* use 'except ... as .....
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.59 XPM 17.1%
sa2ajj Commit 64630434d5:
add OAuth exception in the global list

This probably should be reflected in our policy somewhere...
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.58 XPM 16.9%
sa2ajj Commit 47c5905594:
remove else branch as it helps nothing

APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.58 XPM 16.7%
sa2ajj Commit 23938af361:
reporters/bitbucket: change the way repourl is parsed

* add unit tests for the parser
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.57 XPM 16.6%
sa2ajj Commit 5ee286b5d3:
reporters/bitbucket: cosmetic changes
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.56 XPM 16.4%
sa2ajj Commit e22dbcb791:
test/util/reporter: make it possible to specify the repo
APxBzCyqgwwxtryvzcBxauVNQjG8LjDBPw 0.56 XPM 16.3%

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