Name Description Funds
amodem Audio Modem Communication Library 6.90 XPM Details
twisted Event-driven networking engine written in Python. 6.62 XPM Details
neurokernel Neurokernel Project 5.23 XPM Details
r-source Read-only mirror of R source code from, updated hourly. See the build instructions on the wiki page. 4.95 XPM Details
MacFolket A Swedish <-> English Dictionary || svensk <-> engelsk ordbok for Mac OS X 4.95 XPM Details
djdns Golang-based DNS server 4.95 XPM Details
bitcoin Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree 3.66 XPM Details
perfmap Front-end performance heatmap bookmarklet. 2.48 XPM Details
mirovideoconverter3 A super simple way to convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora, or for Android, iPhone, and more. 2.48 XPM Details
xBlockExplorer Primecoin Block Chain Viewer - with JSON RPC calls 1.98 XPM Details primecoin blockchain viewer 1.98 XPM Details
physical-formulas Files and scripts reflecting the physical content 1.98 XPM Details
spq Script written in Perl, which allows all the basic formulas and equations for classical theoretical physics. 1.98 XPM Details
GA New geometric algebra modules for sympy 1.98 XPM Details
XPMiner Standalone Primecoin (XPM) CPU pool miner 1.76 XPM Details
cpython Semi-official read-only mirror of the CPython Mercurial repository 1.59 XPM Details
roslyn The .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs. 1.57 XPM Details
contrib Contributed stuff for munin (plugins, tools, etc...) 0.99 XPM Details
django-two-factor-auth User-friendly Two-Factor Authentication for Django 0.99 XPM Details
openwrt Mirror of the OpenWRT repository 0.99 XPM Details
v8m-rb Port of Google v8 javascript engine to mips architecture 0.99 XPM Details
Reduceron FPGA Haskell machine with game changing performance. Reduceron is Matthew Naylor, Colin Runciman and Jason Reich's high performance FPGA softcore for running lazy functional programs, including hardware garbage collection. Reduceron has been implemented on various FPGAs with clock frequency ranging from 60 to 150 MHz depending on the FPGA. A high degree of parallelism allows Reduceron to implement graph evaluation very efficiently. This fork aims to continue development on this, with a view to practical applications. Comments, questions, etc are welcome. 0.99 XPM Details
Clojure Light Table Clojure language plugin 0.99 XPM Details
dronekit-python The python language bindings and mavproxy module for the drone API 0.99 XPM Details
timezone-ii Timezone II, a Chef cookbook 0.99 XPM Details
yarvi Yet Another RISC-V Implementation 0.99 XPM Details
candypool Candypool a primecoin pool server 0.99 XPM Details
Zombie-Factory A simple zombie shooting game made with PyGame and Python. 0.99 XPM Details
bitcoindictionary Definitions of all Bitcoin-related terms 0.99 XPM Details
zathura-pdf-mupdf PDF support for zathura (mupdf) 0.99 XPM Details