Name Description Funds
peercoin-walletgenerator JavaScript Client-Side Peercoin Wallet Generator 10.89 XPM Details
lh-overlay last-hope gentoo portage overlay 10.89 XPM Details
umint µ-minter for ppc 10.89 XPM Details
python-libdiscid cython based Python bindings for libdiscid 10.89 XPM Details
ppcoin-seeder ppcoin-seeder for the Peercoin network 10.89 XPM Details
myvocab A Chrome/Opera extension that extends the functionalities of 10.89 XPM Details
zfs-formula Salt formula to install ZFS on RHEL 6/7, CentOS 6/7, Oracle Linux 6/7 10.89 XPM Details
tip4commit Donate bitcoins to open source projects or make commits and get tips for it. 10.88 XPM Details
panorama This project stitches multiple pictures of the same scene together to create a single, wide image called a panorama. 10.88 XPM Details
commit-bonus A rails app were man can see the bonus for commits on diffirent webpages 10.88 XPM Details
knowledgesrl Knowledge-based Semantic Role Labeling 10.85 XPM Details
msbuild The Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) is the build platform for .NET and Visual Studio. 10.78 XPM Details
libravatar Mirror of the Gitlab repository 10.78 XPM Details
easy_gravatar A simple gem that gives you -all- the data avalabile for the user on 10.75 XPM Details
lxqt Checkout all lxde-qt components at once by using git submodule. 10.67 XPM Details
brackets-updates Update info and deployment scripts for Brackets/Edge Code 10.05 XPM Details
epel-formula Install the EPEL RPM and GPG key 9.95 XPM Details
xpmminer Open-source primecoin(XPM) GPU miner 9.90 XPM Details
android-peercoinwallet Fork of Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet for Android to be made for Peercoin, please read 9.90 XPM Details
omniwallet Mastercoin Hybrid Web-Wallet (Peercoin / altcoin addition) 9.90 XPM Details
Primecoin-android advanced peercoin wallet 9.90 XPM Details
Primeshares Primeshares Template 9.90 XPM Details
Primeunity Community Primecoin client to support Primeshares later 9.90 XPM Details
Peershares Peershares Template 9.70 XPM Details
alltube HTML GUI for youtube-dl 9.59 XPM Details
hamekoz-sharp 9.26 XPM Details
jQuery.sheet the ajax spreadsheet, jQuery plugin flavor 9.25 XPM Details
packages Packages Repository 8.12 XPM Details
ansible-modules-core Ansible modules - these modules ship with ansible 7.40 XPM Details
scikit-cuda scikit-cuda 7.27 XPM Details