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DonKult Commit 8876bf372f:
relax test to accept various connection failures

For the failure propagation testing we try to c...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.48 XPM 5.4%
DonKult Commit 9f572c0a6d:
give the methods more metadata about the files to acquire

We have quite a bit of metadata availa...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.43 XPM 5.3%
DonKult Commit 47c0bdc310:
report transient errors as transient errors

The Fail method for acquire methods has a boolean pa...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.38 XPM 5.2%
DonKult Commit 2f6aed72f6:
mark some 500 HTTP codes as transient acquire errors

If retries are enabled only transient error...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.35 XPM 5.2%
DonKult Commit a6c7b26221:
remove pointless APT_PURE from void functions

Earlier gcc versions used to complain that you sho...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.50 XPM 5.5%
DonKult Commit 355e1aceac:
implement fallback to alternative URIs for all items

For deb files we always supported falling b...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.45 XPM 5.4%
DonKult Commit dff555d40b:
implement Acquire::Retries support for all items

Moving the Retry-implementation from individual...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.40 XPM 5.3%
DonKult Commit 07cd99066c:
support multiline values in LookupTag

LookupTag is a little helper to deal with rfc822-style str...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.33 XPM 5.1%
DonKult Commit 0b5e329a8b:
deal with floats without old-style cast

We have no speed problem with handling floats/doubles in...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.31 XPM 5.1%
DonKult Commit 1adcf56bec:
avoid some useless casts reported by -Wuseless-cast

The casts are useless, but the reports show ...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.28 XPM 5.0%
DonKult Commit 957381a0d2:
convert various c-style casts to C++-style

gcc was warning about ignored type qualifiers for all...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.26 XPM 5.0%
DonKult Commit 5d5ca1aac7:
deprecate the single-line deprecation ignoring macro

gcc has problems understanding this constru...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.24 XPM 4.9%
DonKult Commit 17cc2fda76:
don't name unused parameter in apt-helper waitonline

Reported-By: gcc -Wunused-parameter
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.22 XPM 4.9%
DonKult Commit d812245dd5:
clearing object via constructor instead of memset

Reported-By: gcc -Wclass-memaccess
Gbp-Dch: Ig...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.19 XPM 4.8%
DonKult Commit 594ee57294:
fix over-calculating dpkg commandline length

Mostly harmless as it just means that apt thinks th...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.17 XPM 4.8%
DonKult Commit bb3a0325bf:
explicitly name token in auth.conf parsing error

Reported-By: gcc -Wsign-promo
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.15 XPM 4.7%
DonKult Commit d30b30ad1e:
update libapt-pkg symbols file

Beside adding the relatively new Item::Proxy method we are also s...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.13 XPM 4.7%
DonKult Commit fd9f75b316:
use the newest available git-clang-format in PATH

Hardcoding a specific version is sad as defaul...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.11 XPM 4.6%
DonKult Commit b857d586ed:
don't auto-switch candidate if installed is good enough

If we perform candidate switching in req...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.09 XPM 4.6%
DonKult Commit 197c539514:
if insecure repo is allowed continue on all http errors

If a InRelease file fails to download wi...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.07 XPM 4.5%

Total amount: 45.53 XPM

Transaction sent on Fri, 15 Dec 2017 02:41:40 +0000