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DonKult Commit 871f3346ea:
allow apt_auth.conf(5) to be translated

Adding manpages is really hard it seems.

References: ea...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.58 XPM 33.7%
DonKult Commit 3f8664036e:
support COLUMNS environment variable in apt tools

apt usually gets the width of the window from ...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.55 XPM 33.3%
DonKult Commit 7fba4e0df1:
allow multivalue fields in deb822 sources to be folded

The documentation said "spaces", but ther...
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