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DonKult Commit 50920fca5e:
remove pointless va_copy to avoid cleanup dance

A va_copy call needs to be closed in all branche...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.76 XPM 14.6%
DonKult Commit 012932793b:
ignore unsupported key formats in apt-key

gpg2 generates keyboxes by default and users end up pu...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.74 XPM 14.4%
DonKult Commit 19e525aac9:
send the hashes for alternative file correctly

This isn't really used by the acquire system at a...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.71 XPM 14.3%
DonKult Commit d006da196d:
use pkgTagSection::Key in srcRecords parser

Using hardcoded array-indexes in the build-dependenc...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.68 XPM 14.1%
DonKult Commit 7ea3c67f96:
allow empty build-dependency fields in the parser

APT used to parse only wellformed files produc...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.66 XPM 14.0%
DonKult Commit f3e34838d9:
proper error reporting for v3 onion services

APT connects just fine to any .onion address given,...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.63 XPM 13.9%
DonKult Commit bf6c329cd9:
avoid using NULL in varadic function for cmdline parsing

cppcheck reports:
(portability) Passing...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.79 XPM 14.7%

Total amount: 18.97 XPM

Transaction sent on Sun, 08 Oct 2017 14:29:11 +0000