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DonKult Commit cba5c5a26a:
don't ask an uninit _system for supported archs

A libapt user who hasn't initialized _system lik...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.88 XPM 25.1%
DonKult Commit 8130f39cf0:
add test for bug 870675 (hang on unsupported method)

Commit e250a8d8d8ef2f8f8c5e2041f7645c49fba7...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.85 XPM 24.9%
DonKult Commit 923522367a:
drop unused/unimplemented & hidden LoadReleaseInfo

The relevant calling code as well as the impl...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.91 XPM 25.4%
DonKult Commit 149ee4017c:
don't write & chmod /dev/null log files

APT by default logs terminal (term.log) and actions (his...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 2.82 XPM 24.6%

Total amount: 11.46 XPM

Transaction sent on Sat, 09 Sep 2017 22:27:46 +0000