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DonKult Commit 8580574ec6:
suggest using auth.conf for sources with passwords

The feature exists for a long while even if w...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.55 XPM 6.4%
DonKult Commit 054243fd0f:
show a warning for Debian shutting down FTP services

We detect the effected sources by matching ...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.52 XPM 6.3%
DonKult Commit afd7cd688b:
update URI scheme descriptions in sources.list(5)
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.48 XPM 6.2%
DonKult Commit 881ec045b6:
allow the auth.conf to be root:root owned

Opening the file before we drop privileges in the meth...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.45 XPM 6.2%
DonKult Commit 6291fa81da:
lookup login info for proxies in auth.conf

On HTTP Connect we since recently look into the auth....
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.41 XPM 6.1%
DonKult Commit ea408c560e:
reimplement and document auth.conf

We have support for an netrc-like auth.conf file since 0.7.25...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.38 XPM 6.1%
DonKult Commit 5175110697:
show warnings instead of errors if files are unreadable

We used to fail on unreadable config/pre...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.35 XPM 6.0%
DonKult Commit 3317ad864c:
use FileFd to parse all apt configuration files

Using different ways of opening files means we h...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.31 XPM 5.9%
DonKult Commit f2f8e89f08:
fail early in http if server answer is too small as well

Failing on too much data is good, but w...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.28 XPM 5.9%
DonKult Commit d7518dba50:
fail earlier if server answers with too much data

We tend to operate on rather large static file...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.25 XPM 5.8%
DonKult Commit 85f4a655cd:
send weak-only hashes to methods

Weak hashes like filesize can be used by methods for basic chec...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.21 XPM 5.8%
DonKult Commit 1c5f13d489:
don't try to parse all fields starting with HTTP as status-line

It is highly unlikely to encount...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.18 XPM 5.7%
DonKult Commit 8df85a4fb9:
don't move failed pdiff indexes out of partial

The comment says this is intended, but looking at...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.15 XPM 5.6%
DonKult Commit 245b9b077f:
don't try to rename failed pdiff patches twice

RenameOnError does the rename already, so the che...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.12 XPM 5.6%
DonKult Commit ee3200962e:
support compressed extended_states file for bug triage

This file isn't compressed by default, bu...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.09 XPM 5.5%
DonKult Commit b1165a67b1:
ignore SIGPIPE in dump solver if forwarding

Our test-external-dependency-solver-protocol test so...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.06 XPM 5.5%
DonKult Commit 49a81c237e:
remove reference to a-t-debtorrent in description

debtorrent and its helper apt-transport-debtor...
AVgMdmMWoXL6vkoQM51dJwRGu3CMWBwAfC 3.03 XPM 5.4%

Total amount: 55.83 XPM

Transaction sent on Thu, 27 Jul 2017 02:19:53 +0000