Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
domob1812 Commit 22e3557df5:
Set softfork height for strict checks.

The height is set to 108000 for testnet (the same as the
AJmKBPMjQBrFnbZwcAoi3YZNaibN2NLZJy 0.98 XPM 33.7%
domob1812 Commit af8b5e696e:
Do 150000-hardfork on testnet at 108000.
AJmKBPMjQBrFnbZwcAoi3YZNaibN2NLZJy 0.97 XPM 33.3%
domob1812 Commit 08d3deb5f7:
Bump version to 0.3.80.
AJmKBPMjQBrFnbZwcAoi3YZNaibN2NLZJy 0.96 XPM 33.0%

Total amount: 2.90 XPM

Transaction sent