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nippoo Commit 5e21eb8eb2:
Initial implementation of axes
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.47 XPM 7.2%
nippoo Commit 613d378cd4:
Some tidying
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.79 XPM 8.2%
nippoo Commit b006dbb9b7:
Minor tick labels and correct range/domain mapping
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.76 XPM 8.1%
nippoo Commit d0cd9f6c05:
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.73 XPM 8.0%
nippoo Commit 733756f0c7:
Updated to use new TextVisual API with a single call
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.71 XPM 7.9%
nippoo Commit 86505c9a1c:
Basic tick labels
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.68 XPM 7.8%
nippoo Commit 66d4af92c6:
More axis refactoring into separate tick functions
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.65 XPM 7.8%
nippoo Commit 028367473b:
Refactored AxisVisual into one visual
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.63 XPM 7.7%
nippoo Commit fbfcc41212:
Much simpler method of determining axis direction
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.60 XPM 7.6%
nippoo Commit f0b9c5173c:
Working axes with ticks
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.57 XPM 7.5%
nippoo Commit 78d7ed6bd3:
Correctly determine tick direction
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.55 XPM 7.5%
nippoo Commit d38e916b59:
More tick improvements
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.52 XPM 7.4%
nippoo Commit c792512618:
x-axis ticks prototype
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 2.50 XPM 7.3%

Total amount: 34.16 XPM

Transaction sent on Mon, 15 Jun 2015 04:17:16 +0000