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nippoo Commit e21afbd01c:
Fixed docstring alignment
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.51 XPM 8.8%
nippoo Commit 1320ebbcc5:
Minor stylistic change
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.49 XPM 8.7%
nippoo Commit b07c290628:
Bugfixes and documentation
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.48 XPM 8.6%
nippoo Commit 132a75f2a3:
Manually detect double-clicks for backends which don't have native support
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.46 XPM 8.5%
nippoo Commit bf1e65639f:
Detect backends which don't support double-click
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.45 XPM 8.5%
nippoo Commit 9f167fb204:
Bugfix and wx mouse_double_click support
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.43 XPM 8.4%
nippoo Commit 6ee9822c62:
Fix some tests
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.42 XPM 8.3%
nippoo Commit 54af40723d:
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.40 XPM 8.2%
nippoo Commit acb00b9aa7:
Removed single-click event which isn't implemented in Qt
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.39 XPM 8.1%
nippoo Commit da0b90a38c:
Working mouse_double_click on Qt4 backend
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.38 XPM 8.0%
nippoo Commit c18900a040:
Explicit integer division
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.36 XPM 8.0%
nippoo Commit 3cef3537a1:
Fixed out-of-bounds mouse errors on resize
AZafXjS8N9W4jAdZCXsVHe326vrovgN2ZR 1.35 XPM 7.9%

Total amount: 17.11 XPM

Transaction sent on Sun, 24 May 2015 10:41:15 +0000