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sorbits Commit 896ab7c02e:
fixup! Update MASPreferences submodule: identifier → viewIdentifier
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.29 XPM 24.6%
sorbits Commit a0a15caa2a:
Introduce sdk-compat.h for redeclaring stuff in latest SDK

This is when we are not yet ready to ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.31 XPM 24.9%
sorbits Commit 1b0eafddeb:
Add the 10.12 NSAlertStyle constants to sdk-compat.h
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.32 XPM 25.1%
sorbits Commit 8bb4b9d337:
Update dialog plug-in
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.33 XPM 25.4%

Total amount: 5.25 XPM

Transaction sent on Tue, 12 Sep 2017 22:25:43 +0000