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sorbits Commit 14e91b6d35:
Output error when referencing non-existing target
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.37 XPM 20.0%
sorbits Commit f30ce91455:
Use triangular bullet (‣) instead of black small triangle (▸)

We were already using the triangul...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.36 XPM 19.8%
sorbits Commit 212ef9b488:
Update MASPreferences submodule: identifier → viewIdentifier
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.35 XPM 19.6%
sorbits Commit ed91562780:
Use encode::url_part instead of NSString’s deprecated API

While NSString does have a “modern” re...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.40 XPM 20.4%
sorbits Commit c5fd9d074d:
fixup! Remove `OakShowSheetForWindow` wrapper (10.9)

There were two issues:

1. The window’s she...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.39 XPM 20.2%

Total amount: 6.87 XPM

Transaction sent on Tue, 12 Sep 2017 18:25:17 +0000