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sorbits Commit 353ae8839c:
Remove OakPasteboardSelector’s shouldSendAction property

This was used when the selector also fu...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.46 XPM 25.4%
sorbits Commit 9c00277a46:
Change two methods to use Objective-C properties
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.44 XPM 25.1%
sorbits Commit 5c853a7cb2:
Handle the case where pasteboard selector returns “no selection” (-1)

This is based on a bug rep...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.43 XPM 24.9%
sorbits Commit 511e370b77:
Change a few missing unsigned/int → NS[U]Integer

One API was declared as returning ‘unsigned’ bu...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.42 XPM 24.6%

Total amount: 5.75 XPM

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