Recipient Reason Address Amount Percentage
sorbits Commit 5f7d5b53d6:
Update dialog plug-in (use view-based table view for popup)
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.92 XPM 2.0%
sorbits Commit cd9c6b1c3d:
Use single setting to pair Go’s main and test files as related
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.86 XPM 1.9%
sorbits Commit ddb7a63074:
Update mate’s help text to show mark’s value as optional
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.83 XPM 1.9%
sorbits Commit 76cc25b2a6:
Update copyright year to 2017
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.80 XPM 1.9%
sorbits Commit fe000014fd:
Don’t save metadata for the COMMIT_EDITMSG file

Git will re-use the file, but with new content, ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.78 XPM 1.9%
sorbits Commit 2c524907d6:
Disable Xcode data source by default

It can be enabled by setting the ‘enableXcodeDataSource’ de...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.75 XPM 1.9%
sorbits Commit 8785f0e807:
Include uninstalled bundles when asking for dependents
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.72 XPM 1.8%
sorbits Commit cd0773c55f:
Checkin release notes for 2.0-rc.5
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.69 XPM 1.8%
sorbits Commit 78a71705bc:
Cache document’s display name to avoid repeated file system stats

This would be slowing down edi...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.67 XPM 1.8%
sorbits Commit 8df2b50061:
Fix previous README commit

The commit in question is ba8b6d52f4bdc40651bea971eca6cb18a3d2d2c6
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.64 XPM 1.8%
sorbits Commit 0950fdfc74:
Checkin release notes for 2.0-rc.4
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.61 XPM 1.8%
sorbits Commit 3450724cc4:
Introduce enableResponsiveScroll user defaults
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.56 XPM 1.7%
sorbits Commit b8e84e344c:
Let Open Quickly… block main thread until open documents are loaded

This should ensure that ⌘T q...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.54 XPM 1.7%
sorbits Commit 2cbb657bbe:
Do not abort when failing to create persistent storage for CoreData

While rare, it seems to happ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.51 XPM 1.7%
sorbits Commit 84889c703d:
Move crash reporter defaults keys to Preferences framework

Seeing a few crashes from registering...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.49 XPM 1.7%
sorbits Commit 51c067fb2d:
Fix race condition

We could call pop_callback before having pushed one because the latter is don...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.46 XPM 1.7%
sorbits Commit dd7a7b2724:
Revert "Fix race condition"

This reverts commit 9467f3f92b5ef81cfb1bd3495171d2a5cf34ccba.
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.44 XPM 1.7%
sorbits Commit 5a5f5e8d75:
Make folder search depth-first
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.41 XPM 1.6%
sorbits Commit 6263e7ff54:
Checkin release notes for 2.0-rc.1
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.39 XPM 1.6%
sorbits Commit 4e2625189b:
Remove beta release disclaimer
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.36 XPM 1.6%
sorbits Commit d2cfbb2227:
Remove expiration timer
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.34 XPM 1.6%
sorbits Commit 9467f3f92b:
Fix race condition

We could call pop_callback before having pushed one because the latter is don...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.32 XPM 1.6%
sorbits Commit 944ad3ea5d:
Rename API: add_callback → push_callback

This makes it clear what is actually done.
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.29 XPM 1.6%
sorbits Commit d05c477ede:
Copy/paste linker settings from license → TextMate target

This is currently required because lin...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.27 XPM 1.5%
sorbits Commit f47f8341fa:
Keep `-dead_strip_dylibs` linker setting for the QuickLook target
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.25 XPM 1.5%
sorbits Commit 2f7d55dfb8:
Remove use of `-rpath` build setting

We no longer dynamically load any (custom) libraries or fra...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.23 XPM 1.5%
sorbits Commit 5caf3f789d:
Update build file generator

We no longer build frameworks as standalone targets but instead link...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.20 XPM 1.5%
sorbits Commit 383cae795d:
Move libressl include path to main target file

Although we only use the headers in a single fram...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.18 XPM 1.5%
sorbits Commit f28faeafcb:
Do not pass bundle items by reference

When executing a bundle item without any default document ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.16 XPM 1.5%
sorbits Commit 3e276e7e04:
Update assertion

We change the semantics of “open” when we introduced the “loaded” property.
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.14 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit 8c5936d3d7:
Only run modal event loop runner when it exists

When running commands without a text view (i.e. ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.12 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit 517847b8c7:
Update location of dsym files
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.10 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit a1a5430abb:
Fix potential nil value in dictionary literal
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.07 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit 122bd0b8a1:
File descriptor was closed twice causing a potential crash
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.05 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit 30b409b2eb:
Revert "Remove custom handling of ‘return’ to edit items in file browser"

It appears that the OS...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.03 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit 690e8d22b0:
Do not run modal event loop when doing command preflight actions

Preflight actions could show di...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.01 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit aec44343ff:
Cancelling a save dialog could mark document as saved
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.99 XPM 1.4%
sorbits Commit 783d073098:
Opening document with no newlines no longer default to LF

Since creating new untitled documents ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.95 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit 49556fddc4:
Do not send initWithSuiteName: to user defaults on 10.8

This method was not available until 10.9...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.93 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit 8c39304e66:
Remove ‘scmls’ target since it uses API that no longer exists
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.91 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit 4d86258e47:
Use new alert style enumeration names (10.12)
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.95 XPM 2.0%
sorbits Commit e072a6a1ac:
Update CxxTest subproject (despite not really being used)
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.89 XPM 2.0%
sorbits Commit ff64b89b89:
Introduced disableFilterListAutoScroll

For context see
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 2.59 XPM 1.8%
sorbits Commit c92e0c42d8:
Provide save dialog with document’s file type for encoding settings

Previously the save dialog w...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.97 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit d261e2801e:
Do not copy extended attributes to build directory

Also exclude extended attributes when creatin...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.90 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit fb62334362:
Add “small” prefix to our custom document icons

A few of these names clash with our file type ic...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.88 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit 2858c3a47c:
Fix syntax error (presumably allowed by older clang)
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.86 XPM 1.3%
sorbits Commit 577c663d4e:
Allow building OakDebug framework with NDEBUG defined
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.84 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 8dbe66cdb1:
Remove support for building targets with manual retain/release
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.82 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 5f308732b7:
Enable ARC for MGScopeBar

This is the original commit which I cherry picked
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.80 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 9d980a07df:
Remove NSPrincipalClass from framework bundles’s Info.plist

This is not something which is used ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.78 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 56610d4e89:
Drop rules to skip running tests since they do not work
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.77 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 95b8c58c4e:
Avoid typecasting our delegate
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.75 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 7bbcc93c34:
Update busy property to match (updated) status bar API

This would throw an exception when changi...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.73 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit 5befa321b9:
Remove reference to obsolete target location
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.71 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit ecfcce9ebb:
Remove unused build directive
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.70 XPM 1.2%
sorbits Commit e4c408fcad:
Improve disambiguation of applications in the Open With menu

If there are multiple copies of the...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.68 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit 1f0c52a8cf:
Let Open With use application URL instead of bundle identifier

It is not unlikely to have multip...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.66 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit 50b3da7788:
Create Show Hidden Files checkbox in code instead of using a xib
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.65 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit ebe6029137:
Register defaults in +initialize instead of using dispatch_once
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.63 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit efecda7526:
Reuse variables already initialized
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.61 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit 876c1c324a:
Checkin release notes for 2.0-beta.12.26
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.60 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit 204c735079:
Change bundle identifier to com.macromates.TextMate
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.58 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit cdf7cc0f15:
Enable kSearchIgnoreOrderingKey for Open Quickly… (⌘T)
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.57 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit c624424539:
Add kSearchIgnoreOrderingKey for when enumerating documents at path

This will return all open do...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.55 XPM 1.1%
sorbits Commit 948d7106d8:
Add openDocumentsInDirectory: method for all open documents in folder
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.53 XPM 1.0%
sorbits Commit e669722ba2:
Remove workaround for changed scandir prototype (10.8)
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.52 XPM 1.0%
sorbits Commit 05749c5c64:
Document creation in background thread could fail

This is because we remove the document record ...
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.50 XPM 1.0%
sorbits Commit f78a3b2ce4:
Use kCFAllocatorDefault instead of NULL
AVVowbTCb3xNdiEtaMAVFR39iJgWQkAJnz 1.49 XPM 1.0%

Total amount: 147.51 XPM

Transaction sent on Tue, 06 Jun 2017 14:13:28 +0000