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gibson042 Commit 72af0c4c7e:
Revert "Tests: Revert some testIframe changes to fix dimensions tests"

This reverts commit c4368...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 7.49 XPM 25.4%
gibson042 Commit c4368a9311:
Tests: Revert some testIframe changes to fix dimensions tests

Ref c0edd8dc18e02999a25768a4946093...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 7.41 XPM 25.1%
gibson042 Commit 00cc67af23:
Tests: Correct expected assertion count

Ref e94b5b0bbf8d8179bc79ab749470e71092225862
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 7.34 XPM 24.9%
gibson042 Commit e94b5b0bbf:
Tests: Clean up offset debugging

Ref 1d2df772b4d6e5dbf91df6e75f4a1809f7879ab0
Ref c0edd8dc18e029...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 7.27 XPM 24.6%

Total amount: 29.51 XPM

Transaction sent on Sat, 29 Apr 2017 10:12:41 +0000