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gibson042 Commit 5aaa514555:
Tests: Prepend test iframes for even *more* consistency

Ref 1d2df772b4d6e5dbf91df6e75f4a1809f787...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 8.03 XPM 33.7%
gibson042 Commit bb757213b2:
Tests: Allow a mock QUnit.test for perfect testIframe fidelity

Ref 1d2df772b4d6e5dbf91df6e75f4a1...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 7.95 XPM 33.3%
gibson042 Commit bb79f728b0:
Tests: Attach test iframes to the body for visibility-dependent code

Ref 1d2df772b4d6e5dbf91df6e...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 7.87 XPM 33.0%

Total amount: 23.86 XPM

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