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gibson042 Commit efdb8a46e4:
Manipulation: Restrict the tbody search to child nodes

For performance, use a querySelectorAll p...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 8.71 XPM 33.7%
gibson042 Commit 9d822bc1c1:
Callbacks: Prevent add() from unlocking with-memory lists

Fixes gh-3469
Closes gh-3470
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 8.62 XPM 33.3%
gibson042 Commit 14b393d0d6:
Tests: Update the loader so test pages always get jQuery

Pages used for iframe tests will now su...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 8.53 XPM 33.0%

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