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gibson042 Commit de71e9755f:
Deferred: Make jQuery.when synchronous when possible

Closes gh-3102
Fixes gh-3100
Closes gh-3105
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.75 XPM 8.2%
gibson042 Commit e8825a529b:
Event: Cover invalid delegation selector edge cases

Ref 7fd36ea145a11d5896de6d064b546b1c57a83f34
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.64 XPM 8.1%
gibson042 Commit 356a3bccb0:
Deferred: Separate the two paths in jQuery.when

Single- and no-argument calls act like Promise.r...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.54 XPM 8.0%
gibson042 Commit 7f1e59343b:
Deferred: Provide explicit undefined context for jQuery.when raw casts

Fixes gh-3082
Closes gh-3084
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.43 XPM 7.9%
gibson042 Commit f496182216:
Tests: Weaken sync-assumption from jQuery.when to jQuery.ready.then
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.33 XPM 7.8%
gibson042 Commit e2d1142c2e:
Build: Fix grunt-compare-size branch-tip storage
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.23 XPM 7.8%
gibson042 Commit cf1497a58c:
Build: A more modest block-level function proposal

This reverts commit fa610da68440530e73bba296a...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.12 XPM 7.7%
gibson042 Commit a51cb25965:
Build: Update dependencies

Ref bc39338d3545522e31b68c50caa2a7d719354a70
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 10.02 XPM 7.6%
gibson042 Commit 3befe5911a:
Offset: Resolve strict mode ClientRect "no setter" exception
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 9.92 XPM 7.5%
gibson042 Commit 755e7ccf01:
CSS: Toggle detached elements as visible unless they have display: none

Fixes gh-2863
Closes gh-...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 9.72 XPM 7.4%
gibson042 Commit 91850ecbbe:
Serialize: Reduce size

Ref 9fdbdd393a0f0ebdcd837cf102878c8b45860c3b
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 9.63 XPM 7.3%
gibson042 Commit e0d3bfa770:
Core: Simplify isPlainObject

Fixes gh-2986
Close gh-2998
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 9.53 XPM 7.2%
gibson042 Commit 76084372c2:
Deferred: Remove default callback context

Employs strict mode to simplify Deferred callback cont...
AZkbbxZnWTt8WhmS9pWo7nHmHcuRmkqHCp 9.82 XPM 7.5%

Total amount: 131.69 XPM

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