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GuillaumeGomez Commit 638ac11171:
Update error-chain dep for crates-io as well
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 0.27 XPM 14.6%
GuillaumeGomez Commit 6f23ce5cc2:
Update to rc error chain
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 0.27 XPM 14.4%
dbrgn Commit 6d2695482b:
Clarify repository key format for build badges
AUS6k77jnDvnr3zitXWbxgQ66nqBru28wz 0.26 XPM 14.1%
iKevinY Commit aa4f86fcd4:
Convert Options struct into unit struct

Unit struct support was added in Docopt 0.8.1 via
Ac2iVJHUkP6Y9CJr7fSCX4G8wFdGdRcJ6F 0.27 XPM 14.7%
dbrgn Commit 94114d5dc7:
Remove Github mention from CI badges docs
AUS6k77jnDvnr3zitXWbxgQ66nqBru28wz 0.26 XPM 14.3%
dbrgn Commit ec9fbd0d9b:
Clarify how is-it-maintained badges are generated

Also, improve the format by breaking up the te...
AUS6k77jnDvnr3zitXWbxgQ66nqBru28wz 0.26 XPM 14.0%
dbrgn Commit 1da7d17b2a:
Fix typo in Circle CI badge docs
AUS6k77jnDvnr3zitXWbxgQ66nqBru28wz 0.26 XPM 13.9%

Total amount: 1.84 XPM

Transaction sent on Sun, 24 Sep 2017 22:28:17 +0000