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GuillaumeGomez Commit 07ea0a9daa:
Replace remaining _0 doc tests
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 0.28 XPM 25.4%
jryans Commit 47221e9818:
Use time crate directly to get the year
AS5hxSfDkk9wFARa2aP4Qe66ahanLowDao 0.28 XPM 25.1%
jryans Commit 69ffd99f42:
Add year to project template variables
AS5hxSfDkk9wFARa2aP4Qe66ahanLowDao 0.28 XPM 24.9%
birkenfeld Commit dd8da8f5ad:
Do not output "Blocking - waiting for lock" with -q

This is not an error, so it should not be pr...
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.27 XPM 24.6%

Total amount: 1.11 XPM

Transaction sent on Fri, 26 May 2017 18:12:53 +0000