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GuillaumeGomez Commit 377f81c9ff:
Update to new rustdoc --test output
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 0.29 XPM 19.6%
WiSaGaN Commit 6a2e61338a:
Use place holder for main thread name in tests
AT3eDcuUNrFGbtodaBR5m9ea6wd933L6px 0.30 XPM 20.4%
WiSaGaN Commit 04b7db6162:
Rename main thread from '<main>' to 'main'.

This pull request resolves the test failure in rust ...
AT3eDcuUNrFGbtodaBR5m9ea6wd933L6px 0.29 XPM 20.2%
birkenfeld Commit 82a8f6f7e7:
Show version of package to be installed (before potential overwrite errors)

Fixes #3587
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.29 XPM 20.0%
GuillaumeGomez Commit c93ed622d8:
Ignore more output
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 0.29 XPM 19.8%

Total amount: 1.45 XPM

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