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vrinek Commit 96b2e3acfc:
Add link to requirement strings explanation in the doc
APWDAb28pTLh5JjvcSckfTQ78QSoQfokGK 0.10 XPM 9.9%
WiSaGaN Commit 32defb9260:
Fix naming of tests mod in cargo new
AT3eDcuUNrFGbtodaBR5m9ea6wd933L6px 0.31 XPM 30.3%
birkenfeld Commit 7618750636:
Doc header: change Documentation to Docs to conform with PR to
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.30 XPM 30.0%
birkenfeld Commit 084db726e2:
Doc dropdown menu: name "Cargo.toml" explicitly
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.30 XPM 29.7%

Total amount: 1.01 XPM

Transaction sent on Fri, 13 May 2016 05:50:51 +0000