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GuillaumeGomez Commit 5e0eca8332:
Improve inline code block display
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 0.20 XPM 19.6%
birkenfeld Commit 3b9388c391:
Add Cargo documentation dropdown to the top nav bar.
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.21 XPM 20.4%
birkenfeld Commit 0a84a53b86:
Add Cargo documentation dropdown to the top nav bar (better spacing this time).
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.21 XPM 20.2%
birkenfeld Commit 55e0259b99:
Doc dropdown menu: name "Cargo.toml" explicitly

This is what most people are looking for.  Many ...
AbP1K5yZELeaZaeVDMuHLgEmyt1ZsyRGqy 0.20 XPM 20.0%
killercup Commit 714a8528ed:
Add explicit size to appveyor badge
ATvHNVg8qbfyZ72B6BXw8fSbNvUmpwb5mC 0.20 XPM 19.8%

Total amount: 1.02 XPM

Transaction sent on Fri, 25 Aug 2017 02:21:34 +0000