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romanz Commit a34169d81f:
README: move to reST format
AJQCyz9p6xDjPbFLsn198Tjs4dSHmZNASB 0.18 XPM 16.4%
romanz Commit b89c0144a2:
remove "" references
AJQCyz9p6xDjPbFLsn198Tjs4dSHmZNASB 0.18 XPM 16.3%
romanz Commit cb4d3a78b4:
verifier: fix typo
AJQCyz9p6xDjPbFLsn198Tjs4dSHmZNASB 0.18 XPM 16.6%
romanz Commit d27efaad82:
travis: use pytest (due to better test discovery)
AJQCyz9p6xDjPbFLsn198Tjs4dSHmZNASB 0.19 XPM 17.1%
romanz Commit 90076b0b79:
util: add print_msg() method to DaemonThread

it is used by at, line 173
AJQCyz9p6xDjPbFLsn198Tjs4dSHmZNASB 0.19 XPM 16.9%
romanz Commit c324d21107:
transaction: added missing import

for "traceback.print_exc(file=sys.stdout)" statement at line 361
AJQCyz9p6xDjPbFLsn198Tjs4dSHmZNASB 0.19 XPM 16.7%

Total amount: 1.11 XPM

Transaction sent on Sat, 27 Jun 2015 10:33:45 +0000