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GuillaumeGomez Commit 72338b8ccb:
Allow to go back to previous search
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.40 XPM 13.9%
GuillaumeGomez Commit 0d898998b1:
Few improvements on search, history and title
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.47 XPM 14.0%
GuillaumeGomez Commit c09adc4f1c:
Add missing links and examples for FileExt
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.55 XPM 14.1%
GuillaumeGomez Commit cb71247861:
Rollup merge of #45631 - GuillaumeGomez:file-ext-docs, r=frewsxcv

Add missing links and examples...
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.62 XPM 14.3%
GuillaumeGomez Commit fec24adea8:
Rollup merge of #45812 - GuillaumeGomez:links-and-search, r=QuietMisdreavus

Fix navbar click whi...
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.70 XPM 14.4%
GuillaumeGomez Commit 5d07d73ffb:
Rollup merge of #45877 - mikhail-m1:mir-borrowck-act-on-moved, r=arielb1

restore move out datafl...
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.78 XPM 14.6%
GuillaumeGomez Commit 04785f7e33:
Rollup merge of #45919 - lukaramu:patch-1, r=kennytm

Fix broken link markup in Hasher::finish do...
AQNTXgq7RstTpshc4rZmgRVkFVgxriqWEb 7.85 XPM 14.7%

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