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abadger Commit a58e1d59c0:
Update shippable config (#3063)
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.17 XPM 14.7%
abadger Commit 3e1ea76a75:
Fix a couple undefined variables

One was a typo and one needed to have the variable defined in t...
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.17 XPM 14.6%
abadger Commit 6b0a204e74:
Fix remaining python3 compile problems
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.16 XPM 14.0%
abadger Commit cbdaf1044d:
Few more places where gce modules need python3 compat exceptions
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.17 XPM 14.4%
abadger Commit 9897c502a6:
Add python-2.6 requirement to the proxmox module
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.16 XPM 14.3%
abadger Commit 79c7997952:
Fix amazon extras modules to compile under python3
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.16 XPM 13.9%
abadger Commit 7ce17ab49e:
Fix remaining centurylink modules for py3

Also update the imports to take advantage of the Ansib...
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.16 XPM 14.1%

Total amount: 1.15 XPM

Transaction sent on Mon, 24 Oct 2016 02:02:50 +0000