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abadger Commit c6938e42ef:
Update examples in the documentation to yaml syntax
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.18 XPM 16.7%
abadger Commit 146c969c07:
Removed one module from the py3 syntax check blacklist
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.18 XPM 17.1%
rev112 Commit fc417a5ab0:
Fix check mode for blockinfile when 'create: yes' is specified (#2413)

Make the module more sema...
AYrfHTmS541FArVch4CgYr4ocj7MuX1LG2 0.17 XPM 16.6%
defionscode Commit ccec9b1645:
Updates to Sendgrid Module (#1275)
AXEh2pWH1xueQhKYz1YQoRx3DzUW5WUWwa 0.17 XPM 16.4%
abadger Commit c8f911e05c:
Update imports
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.18 XPM 16.9%
abadger Commit 65eba72ee6:
Get hipchat, sns, and typetalk notification modules compiling on py3 (#2782)
AezdDJAB6wVNWPSBSfFAQRpcprXGSzjW4n 0.17 XPM 16.3%

Total amount: 1.05 XPM

Transaction sent on Wed, 24 Aug 2016 17:58:16 +0000