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stefanreinauer Commit 0e660873bf:
drivers: Drop level of indirection for MMIO HW access

We don't need another level of indirection...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.40 XPM 32.7%
stefanreinauer Commit 935ff1b208:
soc/intel: Fix SPI driver compilation with CONFIG_DEBUG_SPI

write[8|16|32] wants volatile pointe...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.41 XPM 33.2%
stefanreinauer Commit e2804c14a4:
util/vgabios: Don't call redefined printk in printk

A few pieces of coreboot code (like the vide...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.42 XPM 34.1%

Total amount: 1.23 XPM

Transaction sent on Fri, 21 Jul 2017 18:20:21 +0000