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stefanreinauer Commit 8d29dd1258:
vendorcode/amd: Unify Porting.h across all targets

This requires to also unify the calling conve...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.33 XPM 24.0%
stefanreinauer Commit cb3205d153:
sis/sis966: Clean up sata.c

Wow, this one is disliked by clang for the empty for() loop, but
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.32 XPM 23.5%
stefanreinauer Commit 42b37f537f:
clang: Allow initializer overrides

In the code we do the following in a number of places
to pre-...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.32 XPM 23.8%
stefanreinauer Commit 6a00113de8:
Rename __attribute__((packed)) --> __packed

Also unify __attribute__ ((..)) to __attribute__((.....
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.39 XPM 28.7%

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