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stefanreinauer Commit 5f98f98098:
soc/intel/quark: We're not Broadwell anymore

... even though the author of the code probably wis...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.35 XPM 14.7%
stefanreinauer Commit bc3150913b:
northbridge/amd/pi: Arithmetics is not logic

It's pretty obvious that the author did not want to...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.35 XPM 14.6%
stefanreinauer Commit 5128f1b593:
README: Update requirements

pkg-conf and libssl-dev are needed for abuild to run successfully on...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.34 XPM 14.4%
stefanreinauer Commit 67ed261200:
amd/amdfam10: Remove dead code

dual_node is never used in that function. And it is never set
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.34 XPM 14.3%
stefanreinauer Commit e06e2fdce1:
drivers/spi: Don't disable non-existent warnings on clang

The warning -Wstack-usage= doesn't see...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.34 XPM 14.1%
stefanreinauer Commit 8e6bb80e9a:
vendorcode/amd: Satisfy clang's bracing requirements

AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.33 XPM 14.0%
stefanreinauer Commit c02b5e22a3:
vendorcode/amd: Make compiler intrinsics clang friendly

Change-Id: Ibff31a9960a23f03facbb09e76d6...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.33 XPM 13.9%

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