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stefanreinauer Commit 72dc21cb7c:
xcompile: Fix clang compiler runtime detection

clang, like gcc, needs a compiler runtime library...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.35 XPM 33.0%
stefanreinauer Commit f652f82137:
vendorcode/amd: Drop multiple copies of gcc-intrin.h

Change-Id: Ifc6a0638c03fa5f3e1007a844e56dfa...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.36 XPM 33.6%
stefanreinauer Commit 069c11e8b3:
vendorcode/amd: Unify gcc-intrin.h

Most of these functions go unused most of the time, but in or...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.36 XPM 33.3%

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