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1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 1c4508e77c:
cpu/amd: Add initial support for AMD Socket G34 processors

Change-Id: Iccd034f32c26513edd52ca3a1...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.16 XPM 12.9%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit ee3ec8e212:
southbridge/amd/sb700: Set up uninitialized devices in early boot

LPC decodes were not enabled, ...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.16 XPM 12.8%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 2a16acee6b:
northbridge/amd/amdfam10: Enable advanced PCIe setup options

TEST: Booted ASUS KGPE-D16 and veri...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.15 XPM 12.7%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 785b3eb6e8:
device/pciexp_device: Tune PCIe bridges before scanning children

Change-Id: Ieccafe8864d622c651e...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.15 XPM 12.6%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 7d8a478e70:
device/pci_device: Set bridge primary bus number before scanning

Certain devices, such as the In...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.15 XPM 12.4%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit d657446884:
cpu/amd/car: remove PRINTK_IN_CAR #define that was hardcoded to 1

Change-Id: I5139ee222a0dca7f8e...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.15 XPM 12.3%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 4731423b91:
southbridge/amd/sb700: Add option for last power state after failure

Change-Id: Ieb27bd51dfd45dd...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.15 XPM 12.2%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 83c3c9e1d5:
cpu/amd/car: Use standard integer types in post_cache_as_ram.c

Change-Id: I02c1fba5c749d5adb33ec...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.15 XPM 12.1%

Total amount: 1.22 XPM

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