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stefanreinauer Commit 354c11d10e:
cbfstool: Make sure fileno is available on Cygwin

This patch fixes compilation of cbfstool on Cy...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.18 XPM 14.7%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit d59dc4532b:
mainboard: Update mainboards using the w83795 sensor device

Update mainboards using the w83795 s...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.18 XPM 14.6%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit f7e0a1aaaa:
drivers/i2c/w83795: Add option to use auxiliary SMBUS controller

Change-Id: I5a9b5eba992853b84b0...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.18 XPM 14.4%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit acbdade5cd:
southbridge/amd/sb700: Allow use of auxiliary SMBUS controller

Change-Id: I29ece10eeefc2c75a3829...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.18 XPM 14.3%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit cab71b638f:
drivers/i2c/w83795: Add full support for core functions

Add full support for fan control, fan mo...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.17 XPM 14.1%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 5a0efd255d:
southbridge/amd/sr5650: Add optional delay after link training

Certain devices (such as the LSI ...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.17 XPM 14.0%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit a693f524ca:
device/smbus: Avoid infinite loop if SMBUS device has wrong parent

If an SMBUS device in devicet...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.17 XPM 13.9%

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