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mrnuke Commit 47818b4d60:
fsp/ and boards: Fix incorrect usage of POST_IO

POST_IO is a user-visible config...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.23 XPM 16.9%
mrnuke Commit 72bb66eb9c:
x86/bootblock: Use LDFLAGS_bootblock to enable garbage collection

The x86 bootblock linking is a...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.23 XPM 16.7%
mrnuke Commit cc32842194:
cpu/ Only inculde x86 subdir if ARCH_x86 is selected

There is no other guard to pre...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.23 XPM 17.1%
mrnuke Commit 0017b0045d:
arch/x86/ Simplify rule for bootblock.debug

The only difference between the ifeq/el...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.22 XPM 16.6%
mrnuke Commit c46a39237a:
arch/x86: Link walkcbfs.S instead on including it in bootblock.S

The code flow doesn't fall thro...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.22 XPM 16.4%
mrnuke Commit dbeedbef70:
arch/x86/bootblock: Link in object files selected with bootblock-y

As part of preparing for syst...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.22 XPM 16.3%

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