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mrnuke Commit 5c261229ae:
drivers/intel/fsp1_1: Take platform ID as a string, not integers

The platform ID is an 8 charact...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.26 XPM 9.6%
mrnuke Commit 6aa8c5bc58:
drivers/pc80: Do not initialize PS2 keyboard by default

The most common payloads do not need thi...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.26 XPM 9.5%
mrnuke Commit 715a18e451:
drivers/uart/Kconfig: Select 8250 mem when 8250 mem32 is enabled

Users of DRIVERS_UART_8250MEM_3...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.25 XPM 9.3%
mrnuke Commit 959478a763:
Remove FSP Rangeley SOC and mohonpeak board support

mohonpeak is the reference board for Rangele...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.25 XPM 9.2%
mrnuke Commit fb50124d22:
Remove sandybridge and ivybridge FSP code path

We already have two other code paths for this sil...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.25 XPM 9.1%
mrnuke Commit ecf2eb463f:
sandybridge ivybridge: Treat native init as first class citizen

This is a sad story. We have thr...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.24 XPM 9.0%
stefanreinauer Commit 57a31317a2:
kconfig: Allow KCONFIG_STRICT outside of confdata.c

To catch dependency errors in symbol.c (such...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.24 XPM 8.9%
mrnuke Commit 321402bfce:
3dparty/blobs: Advance to pull in binary microcode

Change-Id: I2071586e1f3b4464464928c11475f9283...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.24 XPM 8.7%
stefanreinauer Commit 1bb487c474:
cbfstool: Don't use fileno() to get file size

fileno() is a mess on some operating systems. Don'...
AYiNwMUwKeqXwX6abR19Q1DCJckgceMVUF 0.23 XPM 8.6%
mrnuke Commit 71a7ba2e5d:
ifdtool: Enable warnings as errors, and fix any issues

Change-Id: Id462a10c2affac54ec48a1cc2a5b2...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.25 XPM 9.4%
mrnuke Commit 1d85700503:
cpu: microcode: Use microcode stored in binary format

Using a copiler to compile something that'...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.24 XPM 8.8%

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