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mrnuke Commit 2c482a969a:
intel: Do not hardcode the position of mrc.cache

The reason for hardcoding the position of the M...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.27 XPM 20.4%
mrnuke Commit c241855240:
north/intel/sandybridge: Fix native VGA initialization

Native VGA init no longer compiles  from ...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.27 XPM 20.2%
mrnuke Commit f55e6680b9:
microcode: Unify rules to add microcode to CBFS once again

Now that cbfstool supports file align...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.27 XPM 20.0%
mrnuke Commit 9647094672:
intel/sandybridge: Do not guard native VGA init by #ifdefs

We don't build-test with native VGA i...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.26 XPM 19.8%
1HXpzSv1the5 Commit 8ac492999a:
northbridge/amd/amdfam10: Use adequate size for HT speed limit field

Change-Id: Ib7ca49ffd53b0ae...
AJUPMA89f2DLVQcEERfiNzBrj7pbvWseyM 0.26 XPM 19.6%

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