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mrnuke Commit d18065b59c:
packardbell/ms2290/mainboard.c: Do not guard int15 includes

Do not guard the inclusion of "drive...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.31 XPM 17.1%
mrnuke Commit 3cd280589c:
soc/*/ Do not add soc/common as a subdir

Aaron Durbin found that soc/common is alre...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.31 XPM 16.9%
mrnuke Commit bc140cf111:
soc/intel/common: Add mrc.cache file to CBFS when appropriate

The code in mrc_cache.c doesn't ch...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.31 XPM 16.7%
mrnuke Commit 5c9a71e9d5:
intel/fsp1_1/hob.c: Refactor file to match coreboot coding style

Avoid ASSERT() when a better so...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.30 XPM 16.6%
mrnuke Commit 1dbbe828d4:
drivers/intel/fsp1_1: Don't compile GOP support in romstage

We don't need the code in romstage, ...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.30 XPM 16.4%
mrnuke Commit 41c003ca6d:
soc/intel/common/fsp_ramstage.c: Don't die when printing HOB info

It doesn't make sense to die()...
AUXcX8oXQQhaS1q4f1chkPRS1jTT67vwxF 0.30 XPM 16.3%

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