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IgorKlopov Commit 27710cd4f7: -v in mac
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 1.05 XPM 8.3%
IgorKlopov Commit 4d5bbbc2d7: -v
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 1.04 XPM 8.2%
IgorKlopov Commit da900b3094: also imports it
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 1.03 XPM 8.1%
IgorKlopov Commit 0f29d9f30f:
verbose_mode from

Also, no return value supposed for execute_stdout
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 1.02 XPM 8.1%
IgorKlopov Commit b88824a70c:
verbose_mode getter/setter
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 1.01 XPM 8.0%
IgorKlopov Commit 7ff95ec255:
Travis CI says: execute unused

Removed `execute` import
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.97 XPM 7.7%
IgorKlopov Commit 20afd51a9d:
Travis CI says long line detected

Foldede the line
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.96 XPM 7.6%
IgorKlopov Commit 19bba5c18c:
One more `verbose_mode`

`` new variable `verbose_mode` to run `npm install` with --v...
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.95 XPM 7.5%
IgorKlopov Commit bf4c219766:
Make use of execute_stdout

execute_stdout makes stdout real-time
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.94 XPM 7.4%
IgorKlopov Commit a5e1d8c97f:
introduce execute_stdout

`execute_stdout` does not return the output of the process. Instead it ...
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.93 XPM 7.4%
IgorKlopov Commit 2153e018a3:
Bootstrap indeed
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.92 XPM 7.3%
IgorKlopov Commit 3f4fec0864:
Why not verbose?

The silence are scary
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.91 XPM 7.2%
IgorKlopov Commit 743e8331b5:
Helps troubleshooting
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.90 XPM 7.1%

Total amount: 12.60 XPM

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