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IgorKlopov Commit 0fd1f61a24:
Paul suggests paths to be reversed
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.80 XPM 13.0%
IgorKlopov Commit d8de9754d6:
`subprocess.Popen` fails when Python is in "App Paths"

Win32. Python is not added to PATHs by de...
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.80 XPM 12.9%
IgorKlopov Commit b00bbdeb81:
Preserve that empty line
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.79 XPM 12.7%
IgorKlopov Commit 0ab4475f24:
Compose full list in one place
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.78 XPM 12.6%
IgorKlopov Commit 5137e16485:
WINDOWS_NODE_PATHs are to stay

WINDOWS_NODE_PATHs are checked first, and then os.environ['PATH']
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.77 XPM 12.5%
IgorKlopov Commit 91a3e12ab0:
Paul says `lookup PATH`

Works both with trailing slash `c:\nodejs\` and without it `c:\nodejs`
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.76 XPM 12.2%
IgorKlopov Commit 6aa6bdebe6:
Travis says `line too long`

80 chars limit hit
ATkCbaWRbnifGnYKMHEAYC7UhGJVpE3Sf8 0.75 XPM 12.1%
IgorKlopov Commit 1af0e0a762:
Verbose required paths

I installed to `c:\nodejs` to avoid spaces in path (old habits die hard)....
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