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bundyo Commit 7fa1296a17:
Implement FakeWindow.postMessage, window.opener.postMessage and window.closed flag for popup wind...
AHA62evAb3PmXsjzvCjejfYg95Hb9eWNu2 1.31 XPM 19.6%
bundyo Commit 4e82f4c672:
Remove two semicolons.
AHA62evAb3PmXsjzvCjejfYg95Hb9eWNu2 1.32 XPM 19.8%
bundyo Commit c7562dbfd0:
Add FakeWindow documentation.
AHA62evAb3PmXsjzvCjejfYg95Hb9eWNu2 1.33 XPM 20.0%
bundyo Commit e8d648bcba:
Change the link to use dashes.
AHA62evAb3PmXsjzvCjejfYg95Hb9eWNu2 1.35 XPM 20.2%
bundyo Commit dbbc35bd13:
Fixes after code review.
AHA62evAb3PmXsjzvCjejfYg95Hb9eWNu2 1.36 XPM 20.4%

Total amount: 6.66 XPM

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